We proudly announce our divorce service at Rourkela, Agartala and Dhanbad

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Our Team

Debasish Pushilal

Prithwish Ganguli

Jayasree Ganguli

Prativa Bhattacharjee

Soumen Das

Baishakhi Kayal

Soumya Chatterjee Manisha Paul

Our Speciality:

  • Highly experienced panel of lawyers
  • Most Affordable charges and support of a team of lawyers
  • Excellant insfrastructure
  • Client service on priority basis
  • Online Consultation over skype
  • Specialised Service
  • Most reasonable fees structure
  • No holiday
  • Reply of email within shortest time
  • One contact number for all types of information
  • Package system in certain matters
  • Service throughout West Bengal
  • Service in Rourkela, Dhanbad
  • Many more ....

The only law firm in Eastern Region that has specialisation in  Matrimonial cases. Corporate level service, transparency of every action, moderate fees structure and time bound service is our speciality. We designed our website in such a way that you will get replies to all your preliminary questions regarding a matrimonial dispute while browsing our site. We tried to provide the best and updated information through our site so that initial questions can be replied to our prospective clients without a single phone call to us and our client can decide his/her course of action initially.

In the rising trend of matrimonial dispute, the Family Law Practice has become a special category of practice apart from the general practice though it follows the Civil Procedure Code.  The approach to a matrimonial dispute must be to some extent special as it relates to a family and the sentiment of two persons, two families are involved.

This is the first and the only law firm in West Bengal that deals in matrimonial disputes only and our specialised lawyers work together for each and every case. We provide contractual service also.

Updates of the latest, network throughout West Bengal even outside of West Bengal, combination of senior and junior lawyers in each and every cases, excellant communication with the clients to keep them updated regarding their cases are our speciallity. We can assure our clients the best service quality armed with the latest updated provisions of law.

We proudly announce our service in Rourkela and Dhanbad.

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First time in West Bengal in a case conducted by us in Alipore Court, the six months statutory period has been waived

Avail the advantage of team of lawyers instead of a single practitioner.

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