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  • Ballot Scattering: Who Will Be Held Responsible?

    Ballot Scattering: Who Will Be Held Responsible?

    The Returning Officer (RO) of the panchayat election will be responsible if panchayat election ballots are found scattered on the day of the election. The RO is the highest-ranking election official in the panchayat area and is responsible for overseeing the conduct of the election. If ballots are found scattered, the RO will need to […]

  • Should West Bengal declare a state of emergency amid panchayat election violence?

    Whether or not emergency should be declared in West Bengal on the backdrop of the violence during the panchayat election is a complex question. There are a number of factors to consider, including the severity of the violence, the impact on the election process, and the potential consequences of declaring a state of emergency. The […]

  • The Price of Power: Violence in West Bengal’s Panchayat Elections

    There has been widespread violence in West Bengal in the run-up to the panchayat elections, which were held on July 8, 2023. At least 18 people have been killed and dozens more injured in clashes between supporters of rival political parties. The violence has been particularly concentrated in the districts of Murshidabad, Nadia, and North […]